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专辑英文名Listen Without Prejudice - MTV Unplugged
专辑中文名原音重现现场 永恒纪念套装
版本[24 bits 44 KHz]

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乔治麦可 / 专注聆听 原音重现现场 永恒纪念套装

★ 生涯全球一亿两千万张销售,永远的英国流行天王,1990年第二张个人录音室专辑,纪念进口3CD 精装套装,珍藏流行天王的璀璨光芒
★ 英国金榜冠军专辑,晋升美国,法国,澳洲排行榜第2名,荣获1991年全英音乐奖「最佳英国专辑奖」,全球销售累计超过八百万张,艾尔顿强Elton John、绿洲合唱团主唱连恩盖勒格Liam Gallagher、玛丽布莱姬 Mary J. Blige 同声讚扬的乐坛经典杰作
★ 收录全美告示榜冠军单曲”Praying for Time”以及全美热门单曲榜第8名畅销曲” Freedom! '90”, “Waiting for That Day”, “Mothers Pride”,“Waiting for That Day”, “Cowboys and Angels”等经典名曲
★ 套装CD内含Listen Without Prejudice Vol.1专辑Remaster版本、乔治麦可生涯最经典现场之一的1996年【MTV Unplugged】不插电演唱会演出实况音轨,演出包括:"Everything She Wants","Fast Love","I Can't Make You Love Me"多首名曲
★ DVD收录The South Bank Show 1990 音乐访谈与现场演出录影、”Praying for Time”以及” Freedom! '90”两支经典MV、”Freedom! '90” MTV 10周年现场演出录影影像
★ 附赠George Michael生前最钟爱单曲,与制作Madonna经典专辑「Like A Virgin」著称,同时也是迪斯可/放克乐团Chic的成员Nile Rodgers一同重新制作之单曲"Fantasy"独家音档、以及Listen Without Prejudice / MTV Unplugged全套装音档下载码

如同他出道的乐团Wham!这个团名最后的那个标点符号一样,George Michael的每一张专辑都为流行乐坛带来一个惊嘆号。

就在以多样化节奏的首张个人专辑「Faith」热卖2500万张,连创"Faith","Father Figure","One More Try","Monkey"等4首全美热门单曲榜冠军曲,勇夺葛莱美奖年度专辑大奖之后,George Michael出乎意料的带来一张在节奏上力求简单,表现他浓浓的灵魂乐唱腔的专辑【Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 1】。

1990年9月,【Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 1】专辑发行,在这张专辑里,George Michael一反前张专辑「Faith」多采多姿的节奏风格,把专辑的焦点聚焦在歌声演唱,呈现歌声本身在听觉上所能带来的感动。如果说「Faith」是一张永利官网手机app感的专辑,那么,【Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 1】就是一张感永利官网手机app的专辑。

在专辑【Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 1】中,George Michael的唱腔显得更加的成熟,这样的成熟也让他在「Faith」这张专辑建立起的永利官网手机app感形象变得更加迷人,专辑的曲风大体介於流行乐,摇滚乐与节奏蓝调之间,除了"Freedom! '90","Soul Free"这两首带著放克节奏的歌曲较为轻快活泼之外,大多数歌曲的情绪与气氛显得深沉,儘管如此,他的迷人歌声却营造了一个令人想要沈淀心情,仔细听听他在歌曲里想要表述的心情与感受。

【Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 1】专辑在全球14个国家挺进排行榜TOP 10,包含英国专辑金榜冠军,晋升美国,法国,荷兰,澳洲,纽西兰等国的专辑榜第2名,专辑的全球累积销售高达800万张。专辑连推"Praying For Time"(#6),"Freedom! '90"(#28),"Waiting For That Day"(#23),"Heal The Pain"(#31)等4首英国单曲金榜TOP 40畅销曲,前面3首单曲也挺进全美热门单曲榜TOP 40,"Praying For Time"成为George Michael在美国的第9首冠军曲,"Freedom! '90"也有全美热门单曲榜第8名的好成绩。此张专辑在英国深受好评,荣获1991年全英音乐奖最佳英国专辑奖

在坚持个人隐私的态度下,George Michael不愿为专辑里的歌曲拍摄音乐录影带,於是,"Praying For Time"成了当时少数没有歌手现身,只有上歌词字幕的音乐录影带,而"Freedom! '90"则是邀请日后以电影「社群网战」获得奥斯卡最佳导演提名的David Fincher执导了一支由五位超级名模Naomi Campbell,Cindy Crawford,Christy Turlington,Tatjana Patitz,Linda Evangelista领衔主演的音乐录影带。

2016年初,George Michael著手进行【Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 1】专辑搭配1996年於伦敦的Three Mills Studio录制的MTV不插电演唱专辑【MTV Unplugged】的合并发行计画,他打算为这次的重新发行寻找适合的单曲,而在1980年代后期创作,原本计画收录在【Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 1】专辑的歌曲"Fantasy"就是他的首选,他找了以制作Madonna经典专辑「Like A Virgin」著称,同时也是迪斯可/放克乐团Chic的成员Nile Rodgers重新为"Fantasy"彩绘更多的放克节奏色彩,"Fantasy"也成了George Michael在2016年12月25日辞世前的最后一首作品。

2017年10月,【Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 1 / MTV Unplugged】双专辑重新发行,当年没能收录在专辑里的歌曲"Fantasy"在经由Nile Rodgers重新制作上色后回到了当初的归属。"Fantasy"这首歌曲原本只是当作"Freedom! '90"的美国版单曲以及"Waiting For That Day"的英国版单曲的B面歌曲的作品,George Michael很喜欢"Fantasy",这首歌曲成了他在1991年的「Cover To Cover巡迴演唱会」,2006-2008年的「25 Live 巡迴演唱会」的必唱歌曲,他甚至在「Cover To Cover巡迴演唱会」的演唱现场免费赠送"Fantasy"的卡带。

在MTV不插电演唱专辑【MTV Unplugged】部分,收录了George Michael 演唱Wham!乐团时期以及单飞后的「Faith」至1996年的「Older」等专辑的畅销曲,像是"Everything She Wants","Fast Love","I Can't Make You Love Me",等。

艺人 George Michael
发行月份 2017-Oct
类型 西洋歌曲 流行乐

Title: Listen Without Prejudice / MTV Unplugged (Deluxe)
Artist: George Michael Genre: Pop, Top Best Sellers
Label: Sony Music Canada Release Date: 2017

George Michael’s Listen without Prejudice review: MTV Unplugged is the raw, stripped-back album fans have been waiting for REVIEW Joe Gamp for

MetroFriday 20 Oct 2017 4:14 pm
George Michael was always at his best when he was at his most vulnerable and there was no filter placed on him.

Honest, heart-warming and often cutting, his what-you-see-is-what-you-get attitude came to define his music and his career.

And with the release of his new MTV Unplugged album, we are offered the raw emotion and talent that George brought to the studio when recording his albums such as Listen without Prejudice and Older.

In the latter years of George’s life, the music, as with most artists, began to wane with albums that were mediocre and failed to contain the same impact that his classics had on the world of music.

His live album Symphonica captured the musicianship but failed to capture the true spirit of the singer – a man who was best known for presenting his emotions to all and wearing his heart on his sleeve. But he hadn’t released a stand out album – yet alone recorded studio album – since 2004.

The re-release of Love Without Prejudice would have been enough to continue the interest in George’s life and music alone, having been the album that delivered singles such as Freedom!, Heal The Pain and Praying for Time.

George Michael passed away aged 53 from heart and liver failure. But what makes the re-released album that more interesting is the inclusion of the Unplugged concert which was held at three Mills Island Studios in east London in 1996. With the glitz and high production values minussed in favour of a backing band that was incidental to George’s voice, it was allowed to shine through in its fractured and often vulnerable glory.

Stand out moments on the album, apart from it whole unit as a blistering acoustic album, come in the form of Fastlove, taken from his 1996 classic Older, Waiting For The Day and Heal the Pain, all referencing a time in George’s life when he found himself at a crossroads.

Dealing with the pain of losing his one true love Anselmo to AIDS; his journey from whimsical pop to more jazz inspired seriousness; his change of image and his want to inform the world of his sexual orientation, while at the same time wanting to keep it hidden from the judgmental eyes of the media.

Things were in a state of unfiltered flux for George personally, and his soul bearing unplugged set in 1996 came at a time when everything was in the air – those changes were marked by a sound and concert that he would never explore again after.

To be honest, I’m a huge fan of value for money (and of course, Listen Without Prejudice) and am not adverse to droves of re-issues, re-releases and box sets – but GM’s MTV Unplugged session should have had a full release all of it’s own.

It seems even more poignant and upfront now that the legendary musician and national treasure has passed away. MORE: George Michael fans thank Chan

IPB Image

IPB Image


01. Praying for Time (Remastered) 04:41
02. Freedom! '90 (Remastered) 06:30
03. They Won't Go When I Go (Remastered) 05:05
04. Something to Save (Remastered) 03:18
05. Cowboys and Angels (Remastered) 07:13
06. Waiting for That Day (Remastered) 04:51
07. Mothers Pride (Remastered) 03:59
08. Heal the Pain (Remastered) 04:41
09. Soul Free (Remastered) 05:27
10. Waiting (Reprise) (Remastered) 02:25
11. Freedom! '90 (Live) 06:02
12. Fastlove (Live) 05:12
13. I Can't Make You Love Me (Live) 05:55
14. Father Figure (Live) 06:19
15. You Have Been Loved (Live) 05:55
16. Everything She Wants (Live) 05:13
17. The Strangest Thing (Live) 06:00
18. Older (Live) 05:47
19. Star People (Live) 06:15
20. Praying for Time (Live) 05:26
21. Fantasy 04:02
22. Soul Free (Special Radio Edit) 04:23
23. Freedom! '90 (Back to Reality Mix) 06:12
24. Freedom! '90 (Back to Reality Mix Edit) 04:04
25. Fantasy 05:02
26. Freedom! '90 (Edit) 05:14
27. Cowboys and Angels (Edit) 04:34
28. If You Were My Woman 04:05
29. Too Funky (Single Edit) 03:45
30. Crazy Man Dance 05:55
31. Do You Really Want to Know 04:48
32. Happy 04:04
33. Too Funky (Extended) 05:36
34. Too Jazzy (Happy Mix) 05:52
35. Fantasy '98 04:30
36. Heal the Pain 04:41
37. Desafinado 03:19



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